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Integrated Management System Policy JSC Chelyabinsk Pipe-Rolling Plant

Integrated Management System Policy JSC Chelyabinsk Pipe Plant

Chelpipe JSC represented by the Chief Executive Officer declares Integrated Management System Policy aimed at manufacturing of competitive products that meet the requirements of the domestic and international pipe markets, at sustained mitigation of the technological environmental impact, at occupational health and safety and at information security. The Policy covers the whole company and sets the benchmarks for the activities of each employee and the Company as a whole. 

The main goals of Chelpipe's activities are:

  • complete satisfaction of the exacting requirements and expectations of the customers;
  • balanced incorporation of requirements of the shareholders and interests of the Chelpipe's employees and the Company as a whole;
  • mitigation of the technological environmental impact and pollution prevention;
  • performance of activities in line with the provisions of regulatory documents and enactments for HSE;
  • prevention and minimization of emergencies, accidents and deterioration of employees' health; 
  • information security enforcement.
Achievement of the set goals is performed by the integration and continuous improvement of the integrated management system conforming to the requirements of ISO 9001; GOST ISO 9001; API Spec Q1; PED 97/23/EC; ISO 14001; OHSAS 18001; STO Gazprom 9001.

The following tasks shall be completed to achieve the goals set:

  • establishment and development of win-win partnership with customers and suppliers;
  • encouragement of responsible behavior and engagement of personnel in continuous improvement of product quality, their performance, internal and external customer satisfaction;
  • availability of the best resources to implement initiatives targeting mitigation of Chelpipe JSC adverse technological impacts on human health, safety and environment as well as to maintain HSE and information security;
  • increase of real earnings of Chelpipe JSC personnel by boosting sales, improving labour performance and cutting product costs;
  • improvement of working conditions via execution of Capital Asset Revamping and Upgrade Program as well as implementation of employees’ proposals;
  • arrangement of continuous management training in contemporary management practices optimization tools and personnel development;
  • generation of effective motivation system to improve labour performance and staff satisfaction;
  • observation of White Metallurgy Philosophy principles and values.

Our key principle is high-quality and just-in-time order execution and service provision.
Chelpipe top management commits to implementing Integrated Management System Policy and updating it in line with changing requirements of the market, customers and community by engaging the Company personnel.


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