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Oilfield Services

ChelPipe manufactures, sells and rents oil well extraction equipment such as electric submersible pump («ESP») systems, provides installation and maintenance services in respect of ESP systems and provides additional products and services for various stages of an oilfield’s development.

ESP systems and other production stage equipment and services

ChelPipe manufactures oil well extraction equipment such as ESP systems and sucker-rod pumps («SRPs»).

ESP systems are sophisticated systems used to extract oil from wells, whose primary components are ESPs and electric submersible motors («ESMs»). ESP systems also include a number of other components such as gas separators, hydro protectors, cable lines and control switchboards. ESPs are consumable products that have a useful life of approximately three years. ChelPipe produces ESPs with power ranges from 0 50 m3 of fluid per dayto 200 500 m3 of fluid per day. ChelPipe produces two types of ESPs, grey cast iron ESPs and corrosion resistant Ni-resist cast iron ESPs. Ni-resist cast iron ESPs offer technological performance that is superior to grey cast iron ESPs and they are becoming the industry standard for oil well extraction in Russia, particularly in harsher environments.

SRPs are a less sophisticated type of oil extraction technology, primarily used for shallow wells with slower flow rates.

ChelPipe also provides installation, monitoring and maintenance services for ESP systems and SRPs, including the sale of spare parts.

ChelPipe’s ESP systems and SRPs are certified by applicable Russian GOST and most international standards, including ISO 9001, ISO 14001, API Q1 and API 11AX.

Exploration and «fit out» stage equipment and services

ChelPipe provides geophysical investigation services such as well survey and downhole logging. Well survey services consist of geophysical assessments of wells in the course of drilling, primarily to understand the seam structure and potential uses of wells. Downhole logging services consist of geophysical assessments of wells in a producing reservoir, primarily to monitor the condition of well casing pipe to determine a place for perforation.

ChelPipe also provides perforation services, which consists of the creation of holes in casing pipes to enable communication between the well and reservoir. Perforation holes are used for the extraction of reservoir fluid as well as the injection of water, gas, cement or other agents into a bed formation or an annular body to intensify the inflow of reservoir fluid into the well.

In addition, ChelPipe manufactures well construction and transportation equipment such as water injection pumps, cement complexes, mixing trucks, spinning wrenches and circulating pumps.

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