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Trunk Pipeline Systems

ChelPipe’s trunk pipeline systems business produces customised components for LDP pipelines construction, which consists of bends and pipeline hubs. In addition, the business produces short radius elbows for various industrial applications

Pipeline bends

ChelPipe produces hot-formed pipeline bends with diameters up to 1,420 mm and wall thickness up to 30 mm, primarily for LDP oil and gas pipelines. Hot-formed pipeline bends can be produced for angles of up to 180 degrees.

In addition, ChelPipe provides cold formed bending services that can modify the angle of an existing pipe or a pipeline bend from 1 degree to 7 degrees.

ChelPipe also provides anti-corrosion coatings for the pipeline bends it produces, if requested by a customer.

ChelPipe’s pipeline bends are certified by applicable Russian and most international standards, including API, GOST and TUV standards.

Pipeline hubs

A pipeline hub is a welded construction of a bend and pipes. ChelPipe produces pipeline hubs primarily for LDP oil and gas pipelines.

ChelPipe’s pipeline hubs are certified by applicable Russian standards, including GOST and TUV standards.


Valves are pipeline components that start, shut off, regulate and control the flow of fluid or gas in a pipeline. ChelPipe produces ball valves, primarily for oil and gas pipelines, and gate valves, primarily for oil pipelines. In addition, nuclear valves are produced for energy companies and valves with German Standardisation Institute (Deutsches Institut für Normung) («DIN»), API and ANSI industry certifications are produced for various industrial applications.

ChelPipe is also capable of producing valves that are large enough for use in LDP oil and gas pipelines and ChelPipe intends to increase production of these valves for sale to its LDP customers.

The valves that ChelPipe’s trunk pipeline equipment business produces for various industrial applications have DIN, API, ANSI and GOST industry certifications.

Short-radius elbows

short-radius elbow is angled pipeline component manufactured for portions of a pipeline that are not straight and are significantly smaller than bends.

ChelPipe produces short-radius elbows with diameters ranging from 45 mm to 820 mm and with specifications that meet the requirements of companies operating in a wide range of industries, including oil and gas, manufacturing, construction and utilities. Short-radius elbows are not used in LDP pipelines.

ChelPipe’s short-radius elbows are certified by applicable Russian standards, including GOST and TUV standards.

Stamp-welded pipe joints (SWPJ)

ChelPipe produces stamp-welded pipe joints (SWPJ), mainly, pipe bends and T-joints for pipe branching, as well as pipe seal fittings and pipe adapters.

The joints have the best specifications thanks to innovative nanostructured materials for welding and weld joint reinforcement.

ChelPipe has unique technological advantages to ensure that global quality standards can be met at a competitive production cost and minimum delivery time. 

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