How to customize the site

A convenient service for our website’s regular visitors!

Set the main page to see only the information you need every time you open ChelPipe’s website.

The main page on Chelpipe’s website has a number of information blocks with different types of information (news, photographs and etc), which you can control by moving them around the page as well as by adding and deleting them.

Change each information block’s location simply by dragging it to the desired area on the website’s main page.

Information blocks that you don’t need can also be deleted from the website’s main page. Each block can also be expanded or collapsed at your conveniences. To do this, special buttons are located in each information block.

After customizing the home page once, only the most important information that you need will be displayed each time upon opening the website. All settings that you make will remain.

The website’s panel settings allows you to make more flexible adjustment of the information blocks on the main page. The panel is located at the bottom of the website and reads as follows:

The following panel settings are available:

  • Adding an information block to the page from the list of available ones
  • Deleting (hiding) unneeded information blocks from the page
  • Changing the website’s colour scheme (the color of headers, the information blocks’ borders and of menus

Press the «Apply» button to effect all the changes made on the panel.

Press «Default Settings» to return to the website’s original settings.

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