Social Responsibility
Human Resources

One of ChelPipe’s priority tasks is effective human resources management. Our policy in respect of human resources is based on building long-term mutually beneficial relationship with employees, trade unions and local communities in the regions of ChelPipe operations.

Chelyabinsk Pipe’s human resources strategy is focused on developing professional, motivated and committed employee base.


Due to the nature of our business, substantially all of ChelPipe’s operating activities are conducted at industrial sites by large numbers of workers, and workplace safety issues are of significant importance to the operation of these sites.


The basis for the safety improvement programmes is the development of employee training programmes, including training in labour safety, providing employees with a clear, accessible way to learn the main requirements and rules of safety, and focusing on knowledge of how to react in an emergency situation.


Chelyabinsk Pipe has voluntary medical insurance program as part of the concept for reducing and managing the risk of job-related illnesses.

The health and safety of ChelPipe’s employees is of paramount importance. ChelPipe focuses on preventive measures by having regular checks and reviews, our medical centers advise employees on best available specialist and treatment options, have excellent expertise and local reputation.

Chelyabinsk Pipe believes that development of the medical centers and voluntary medical insurance are human resource investments and part of a good business strategy. Employees’ good health is the Company’s good health.


Promising employees are involved in the talent pool program. Pursuing individual development plans they participate in seminars and training sessions, develop their education level and study under the Presidential Program for development of management personnel for Russian companies. Dynamic and ambitious employees enjoy a wide range of opportunities for development and promotion through dedicated HR programs such as «Young Specialist», «Skill Upgrading», and «Talent Pool».

Employees of Chelyabinsk and Pervouralsk Plants have an opportunity to study at the Company’s training centers. Highly-skilled and experienced experts are invited as tutors and instructors.


Since 2001, Chelyabinsk Pipe has been awarding grants from the Yakov Osadchiy fund to gifted students of the South Urals State University, Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys and Moscow Mechanical Engineering State Academy.


Working with the communities in which we operate is critical to our success and an important element of our overall responsibility. As part of our commitment to social responsibility, we provide ongoing support to medical centers, sport facilities, develop special programs for young and retired employees

Charity and sponsorship are core elements of ChelPipe social policy focused on:

  • maintaining and supporting Russian cultural traditions
  • helping to revive ethical and aesthetical ideals, maintain, create and distribute world-wide cultural values
  • supporting and developing theatre, music, cinema, and arts in Russia, including young talented people and well-known artists
  • maternity and child protection
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